Honourable President Ram Nath Kovind,

Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to present my credentials today as the 14th High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania to the Republic of India. It is, indeed heartening that I present the same to the 14th President of this Great nation.

Permit me to convey to Your Excellency the best wishes of His Excellency Dr. John Pombe Joseph Mgufuli, President of the United Republic of Tanzania to the Government and the People of the Republic of India.

India and Tanzania established formal diplomatic ties in 1961 and 1962, respectively. For many years then, the relationship was largely driven by the shared ideological commitments to anti-colonialism, anti-racism, south-south cooperation and the non alignment policies. Today, whilst the strong historical foundations have been emulated, there has been a pragmatic policy shift with an increased emphasis being placed on greater and diversified socio-economic, technical and cultural exchanges.

The recent and historic high-level visits to spur these bilateral engagements include that of former President Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete to India in June 2015 and the visit to Tanzania by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July 2016.

In addition to our bilateral cooperation, there has been a mutually agreed approach towards our multilateral commitments in the area of peace and security, democracy, equity, good governance and the rule of law.

Your Excellency, there could no better frameworks for me to start off my call of duty in India than the existing ones. I am hopeful and determined to scale up these bilateral exchanges to even greater heights.

Thank you,

New Delhi, September 19, 2017.