Mumbai, March 05, 2020


Shri. Ashish Shelar, Member of Legislative Assembly Maharashtra,


Mr. Patrick Ndekana, Acting MD & CEO, Air Tanzania,


Madam Sunanda Rajendran, General Secretary, Indo-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry,


Mr. Khalid Khan, Regional Chairman (WR), FIEO,


Distinguished Guests in the Dais,


Invited Guests,

My Compatriots from Tanzania

Ladies and Gentlemen.


Namaskkar! Jambo!Good Afternoon!


Thank you to each and every one of you for being here today.

 We are very pleased to welcome, those of you who had to travel some distance in order  to be here and it is heartening that you could make it to this seminar despite the fact that it  is taking place at the most difficult times when we are facing the global pandemic. That you were able to share this occasion with us, confirms to us the interest you have for the long partnership between our two countries for many years now.


 I wish to acknowledge in a special way the presence of our Special Guest Hon. Ashish Shelar ji”, Member of Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra and a Learned Brother for, once again, accepting to come and grace our event today. He was kind enough to preside over the launching of Air Tanzanina Dinner Galla on 18 July last year, but he has accepted to be here with us today. Thank you very much, Sir.


 I also want to recognize the presence of many friends of Tanzania without whom this room would have been empty. Without running the risk of forgetting some of these friends, let me mention the following; the Secretary General of Indo-Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Madam Sunanda Rajendran, Mr. Khalid Khan, Regional Chairman (WR), FIEO, Mr. Krishna Pemple and Alban Rodricks from CISB, Mumbai. We thank you for helping us with mobilizing Indian Importers and Exporters and for also for being here with us especially on short notice. Thank you very much.


 On the whole, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of you who in one way or another helped us to make this event a success. We couldn’t have done this seminar without you. Thank you very much.


 I would like now to explain why we are here although I will do so in a very brief way.

 As you will recall Air Tanzania  started again its operations between Bombay and Dar es Salaam in July 2019 and has been doing quite well both in terms of cargo freight and passengers bound for DAR. Unfortunately, the trend has shown that there is a little cargo being airlifted from DAR to Bombay. The trend explains some trade imbalance between these two destinations and therefore it was felt that there is a need to bring this to the attention of the Indian importers and exporters. We believe your coming together today with your Tanzanian counterparts is a good beginning. But staying together as it has been alluded to onetime by Henry Ford, would lead to our great success.


 I am minded to mention to you a few of the products that we continue to produce in Tanzania but they are not exported to India as expected, namely Cashew nuts, gold, pulses of all sorts, woods of all kinds, ion ores, pleasures gemstones, cloves and other spices, tanneries and dyes, colouring materials, non-ferrous metals, essential oils of all types, cosmetics of all sorts, leather of sorts, etc. I could go on and on.


 But, you may wish to also note that on our part (Tanzania), we have continued to import from India almost at the same rate products such as fuels, oils, pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles and tractors including, auto parts, electrical equipment, apparel clothing, steel, agrochemicals, and rubber items including, tyres, cotton fabrics and so forth.


 This is why there is such an imbalance I have just intimated to you. So we are here today submit to you that this imbalance should addressed. For, it is said that he who waits for the moon awaits darkness. And therefore, my compatriots from Tanzania have done the right thing by coming out with this business forum idea.


 By and large, it has been confirmed to me that they will provide you with all fine details that you want to know about in terms of trade and business potential and therefore, I don’t want to take much of your time. I need to leave the floor for the next speaker.


 I thank you very much indeed for your kind attention.   


 Thank You, Dhanyavad, Asanteni Sana.