Welcoming Remarks By H.E. Baraka H. Luvanda, High Commissioner Of The United Republic Of Tanzania To India At The Occasion Of A Special Roadshow On Tanzania Tourism And Air Tanzania Operations, Hotel Roseate, Aerocity, New Delhi, 17th September 2018

Our Special Guests,

Organizers of the event,

My Compatriots,

Our Partners in Travel & Tourism Industry,

Members of the Press,

Namaskkaram! Jambo!

Dear Participants,

Ladies & Gentlemen


Namaskkaram! Jambo!

A very warm welcome to all of you! On behalf of my fellow Tanzanians I want to express our heartfelt appreciation to you for accepting our invitation and for sharing with us your precious time, information, ideas and experience.

We are greatly honoured by your presence and especially for your interest in Tanzania.

I also take this opportunity to thank the organizers of these three events in New Delhi today; in Ahmedabad on Wednesday and in Mumbai on Friday. You have done a tremendous job in making all the necessary logistics for this mission. Thank you very much.

Let me also thank the hardworking hotel staff for putting up all that was necessary for us to conduct this function. And I thank all those "behind the scene" who always do more than what we get to know to make things happen.

Dear Friends,

I was expected to be making some few welcoming remarks and therefore was not going to spend much time. But I must admit it is a tempting indulgence to attempt to stick to my assignment and I hope you will forgive me. This is one of those rare opportunities one gets after some time.

It will not be redundant in this assembly to say why we are here. Today, unlike in our previous roadshows where we promoted Tanzania tourism industry in general, we are here to break the news that our national carrier – Air Tanzania has come back into life! And that this new life starts with India for reasons known to many Tanzanians and many Indians.

Tanzania and India are special friends. We are not only connected by the Indian Ocean but also by the history, culture, business, vision, people to people interaction and now we will be much closer with the coming back of the direct flight!

It is befitting and not in any way an overstatement to say that Air Tanzania has come as a harbinger of change that we in Tanzania would want to see at this particular time. For, with the rising number of Indian tourists in the recent years (2014-2016) close to 40,000 per year, with 2017 hitting a total of 69,876 tourists, the potential for doubling the number is a matter of fact.

Again, the increasing number of Tanzania students in Indian Universities and Colleges estimated at 2500 per year, attests, without doubt, that the business case for Air Tanzania to fly into Mumbai was carefully decided. I would add that the medical tourism too has been phenomenal and is likely to be so for many years.

We should be happy that the airliner will make it easier for the People of Indian Origin (POIs) who have settled in many parties of Tanzania to visit their relatives in India quite easily and cheaply. At the same time, it will ease movement of those Tanzanians who are connected to Indians either through business, marriages, and other affiliations.

I should underscore the fact that it is because of all these connections between Tanzania and India, travellers from India to Tanzania have always found it easy to connect with Tanzanians. They always find the same food they are used to; the same culture they are used to; and somehow the language they can easily understand. In fact, some Hindi words are similar to Swahili words.

And therefore, many of you should and must plan well in advance to visit Tanzania once this direct flight starts its operations next month. Luckily, we have in our midst Tanzania tour and travel operators who will be sharing with you the details you may need on various local travel options in Tanzania.

And those of you who have been to Tanzania, I believe you would be making more travels with the introduction of this direct flight.

In closing, I should like to reiterate that Tanzania is your preferred safari destination and therefore you should not hesitate to make up your mind. And as Tanzania continues to embrace peaceful co-existence, it guarantees safety and comfort to all foreigners.

And as it is common knowledge, travel and tourism industry, like other sectors of the economy, thrive best in a stable and peaceful environment which we have in Tanzania. And as they say in Swahili, "Karibuni sana".

I thank you for your kind attention.