Tanzania High Commission - New Delhi

On 24th September, 2012, the Delegation of 6 Members of the United Republic of Tanzania Parliament, 2 Members of the Zanzibar House of the Representatives, 1 Official from the Office of the URT Parliament, and 3 Officials from the Media Council of Tanzania paid a courtesy call to the High Commissioner of Tanzania to India, H.E. Eng. John W. H. Kijazi at the High Commission Chancery in Chanakyapuri. The Delegation came to India for a study visit on the Right to Information [RTI] Act of India. H.E. Ambassador Kijazi gave a warm welcome to the delegation and expressed his hope that their study tour would be a success.

The High Commissioner briefed the Delegates that, the volume of trade between Tanzania and India went beyond the target set by the two countries at the Joint Permanent Commission – JPC meeting held in January 2009.

He further revealed to the Delegation that, contrary to the target of USD 1,500 million worth bilateral trade which was set to be achieved by the end of 2012/13, the volume of bilateral trade between Tanzania and India reached USD 1,792.4 Million by the end of 2010/11. This is an increase of more than ten times in contrast to the USD 162.03 million Trade Volume of 2000/01.

While notable  growth has been steadily  observed  in other areas  of bilateral cooperation  as well, specifically investment, education and tourism, Tanzania stands to be the 5th  India’s Major Export Destination in Africa and the 12th Major Import Source to India from Africa, while India is among the 3 top World investors in Tanzania, H.E. the High Commissioner added.

H.E. Eng. Kijazi further underscored the credibility of Tanzania-India bilateral relations by stating that, Tanzania is among the privileged developing countries which regularly receive short and long term scholarships under various educational and cultural programs. On top of these scholarships offered by India [which amounted to 539 during the past four years] there are also about 1,500 to 2,000 privately sponsored Tanzanian Students studying in India during each year.

Tanzania High Commission - New Delhi

His Excellency  Ambassador  Kijazi  also  pointed  out that the  country  [Tanzania]  is  taking  great advantage of the Indian expertise in the field of medicine and medical services by referring more than 99 per cent of its patients to this [India] country for further medical treatment.

Concluding his remarks, the High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania in India H.E. Eng. Kijazi requested the Delegation to make the most of their visit by grasping the desirable [for Tanzania] knowledge of RTI ACT from India, which is in an advanced stage of implementation.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Delegation of the RTI Study Visit, Hon. Juma Selemani Nkamia [MP], on behalf of the other Members expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to H.E. the High Commissioner and his whole diplomatic staff for the great honour and excellent hospitality accorded to the entire Delegation since their arrival to Delhi.

Hon. Nkamia, deeply acknowledged H.E. Eng. Kijazi’s compliance to meet them beside his overwhelming diplomatic duties. He also commended H.E. the High Commissioner for endowing them with highly expressive account on the status of the Tanzania-India bilateral relations as well as providing them with some preliminary guidance on how the RTI Act works in India.

Recounting further on the reflection of their visit, Hon. Nkamia    assured the High Commissioner and other staff of the Mission that, during their four days [24th  to 28th  September 2012] visit in India, the  Members  of  his  Delegation  will  be  seriously  and    intensively  engaged  in  the  constructive interactions and discussions with their hosts and other Indian RTI stakeholders [Public and Private Sectors] in order to gain comprehensive knowledge of RTI structure and “modus operandi” that could be applicable in Tanzania.

Tanzania High Commission

Other Members of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Zanzibar House of the Representatives who attended the meeting were, Hon.  Rebecca Michael Mngodo [MP], Hon. Ramadhan  Haji  Saleh  [MP],  Hon.  Hussein  Mussa  Mzee  [MP],  Hon.  Assumpter  Nshunju Mshama [MP], Hon. Moza Abeid Saidy [MP], Hon. Ali Mzee Ali [MZHR] and Hon. Ismail Jussa Ladhu [MZHR], while accompanying officials from the Media Council of Tanzania were Mr. John X. Nguya, Ms. Ziada Kilobo and Ms. Shifaa Hassan. Mr. Chacha Timasi Nyakega from the Office of the URT Parliament was also in attendance.

Other Officials in attendance from the Tanzania High Commission were, Mrs. Badriya R. Kiondo, Brig. Gen. Issa Nassor, Ms. Felista Mwalukasa, Mr. Seneta Makongoro, Mr. Yahya Mhata, Ms. Leluu O. Abdallah and Mrs. Fadhila Mwindadi.