The United Republic of Tanzania participated in the 32nd  Indian International Trade Fair [themed Skilling India] which took place at the Pragati Maidan Exhibitions Ground from 14th to 27th November, 2012.

The Tanzania pavilion at the exhibition grounds which was represented and coordinated by the Tanzania Export Procession Zone – EPZA [Ms. Zawadia Nanyaro, Director of Development and Ms. Grace Lemunge, Investment Promotion Manager] in close cooperation with the Tanzania High Commission, was among the 480 exhibitors and participants from 22 foreign countries and Indian States which participated in the biggest Trade Fair event which was organised by the Government of India.

The two-week long 32nd IITF was officially inaugurated on 14th November, 2012 by the President of India, Hon. Pranab Mukherjee.

Throughout this international trade event, the Tanzania Officials amiably welcomed the visiting [multinational] International investors, guests and participants and enlightened them about the immense investments and trade opportunities in Tanzania, especially in Export Processing Zones and Special Economic Zones.

Further to their daily involvement to the IITF exhibition activities, the EPZA Officials had an opportunity to visit the Tanzania High Commission Chancery at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi whereby they also had cordial interaction with H.E. the High Commissioner Eng. John Kijazi and other Members [Home and local based] of the Mission. While introducing Ms. Lemunge  [EPZA  Official], the  High Commissioner  Eng.  Kijazi explained that the purpose of the EPZA Officials visit to India was to participate in the IITF exhibitions, to learn from the Indian experience in EPZ as well as to acquaint the Tanzania Diplomatic Staff with the   of EPZA status, Investment opportunities under its jurisdiction and its activities in order to enable them to understand and therefore to be able to comprehensively and effectively promote the existing Tanzania EPZ/SEZ opportunities in the countries of accreditation.

While interacting with the High Commission [home based] Diplomats, the EPZA Official Ms. Grace Lemunge [Investment Promotion Manager], expressed   her   sincere   thanks   and   gratitude   to  H.E.   the   High Commissioner and his entire staff for the cordial hospitality, cooperation and support accorded to them.

At this juncture, Ms. Lemunge took opportunity to present before the Tanzania Diplomatic Staff all about the existing investment opportunities in Tanzania Economic Zones.

Ms. Lemunge also delineated specific features of the EPZA in relation to the  other  country’s  Investments  Promotion  organizations  such as  the Tanzania Investment Centre [TIC] and the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority [ZIPA].  She said that the EPZA was an autonomous Institution under the Ministry of Industry and Trade which has been mandated to supervise Special Economic Zone/Export Processing Zone programmes. EPZA responsibilities include attracting and promoting investments for industrialization, facilitating EPZ and SEZ investors as well as issuing licenses in that area, while the other   two Institutions [TIC & ZIPA] are general Investments Promotion Bodies .

She further explained that, Tanzania has great opportunities for SEZ and EPZ investors, including development of the SEZ and EPZ infrastructures such  as  industrial  parks,  ICT  parks,  Free Ports  Zones  and  Free  Trade Areas. Other SEZ/EPZ Investment opportunities, she mentioned, include construction of single factory units and provision of utility services.  She added that there are also opportunities to invest in the already existing SEZ  and  EPZ  Industrial  Parks  such  as Benjamin  William  Mkapa  SEZ, Hifadhi EPZ,   Millenium  Business Park, Kisongo  EPZ,   Kamal Industrial Estate and Global Industrial Park, Kigoma SEZ etc.

The EPZA presentation also stated a range of issues related to SEZ & EPZ investment eligibility, licensing, procedures, attractive benefits and incentives for the SEZ and EPZ local as well as foreign investors.  Among them includes unconditional transferability of profits dividends and royalties.

Responding to the Diplomatic Staff issue related to prioritisation of the SEZ/EPZ Investment categories, Ms. Lemunge maintained that, though all kinds of investment under SEZ and EPZ are important, nevertheless, the Mission’s efforts should be to prioritise the attraction of more Indian investors who will be ready to invest in the development of [SEZ and EPZ] infrastructures.

In conclusion, the Diplomatic Staff requested to be availed [from EPZA] with the specific EPZ/SEZ “Project Profiles” for their effective Promotion of the EPZ/SEZ opportunities in the countries of accreditation rather than carrying out “general Promotion” which has so far proved to be unattractive to most of the potential Investors.