Statement From The United Republic Of Tanzania During Isa 1st Assembly By H.E Baraka H.Luvanda, Tanzania High Commissioner To India, India Expo Mart,Great Noida, 3 October 2018

Thank you, Mr. President,

On behalf of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, I would like to sincerely thank the Government of India and France for bringing into life this landmark initiative well meant for humanity.

It is indeed heart-warming that the initiative has gained strong global support and that there is nothing that can stop it from achieving the universal acceptance.

Let me also express our gratitude to the GOI for the warm reception accorded to us and for the generous hospitality.

In the same vein, it would be a remiss on our part if we wouldn’t pay special tribute to the ISA Interim Secretariat for the ground work they have done since the conception, establishment and the running up of our Alliance.

Our presence here today signifies our full commitment and determination in support of the work of this Organization. We wish to also express our sincere appreciation to ISA partner organizations for supporting this initiative and we hope that they will continue doing so in many years ahead.

Tanzania signed the ISA Framework in Marrakech, Morocco and we are at the stage whereI can confidently say close to finalise our ratification process.

Mr. President;

As required by the Tanzanian law, the ratification of any international Treaty such as ISA Charter has to pass several stages including, stakeholders’consultations, the inter-ministerial consultations, the Cabinet and eventual Parliamentary scrutiny.

Mr. President;

Tanzania is one of the Solar rich Countries in the World and yet it has not started reaping benefits of power generated from this resource. Infact, we are the Country whose geographical location could not allow all our people to be connected with grid electricity and yet the opportunity of using isolated solar and mini grids solutions is untapped.

Our tropical geographical advantageous position,with enormous solar resources which could surpass most of the power resources currently in use, very little of utility scale has been developed.

Our limitation to fully develop solar resources callsfor strategic partnership with other Countries and organisations. Andit is for this reason that government of Tanzania is keen, as I have alluded earlier to become full member in not a distant future of ISA.

Mr. President;

In closing,I wish to reaffirm Tanzania’s full commitment to the work of ISA and our unwavering support and assistance to the Secretariat and your Bureau as you assume your mandate.

And in parting, let assure you that Tanzania is not only a preferred Safari destination but also an ideal investment destiny for those in the solar sub-sector.

As we say in Kiswahili, "Karibuni Sana", meaning you are all most welcome.

thank you, Mr. President.