Statement By Representative Of The United Republic Of Tanzania At The Occasion Of The 57th Annual Session Of The Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (Aalco), Tokyo, Japan 8th October, 2018.

Your Excellency, Mr. Masahiro Mikami, the President of the 57th AALCO Annual Session,

The Vice President of the 57th AALCO Annual Session,

Prof. Kennedy Gastorn, Secretary General of AALCO,

Hon. Ministers, Attorney Generals from AALCO Member States,

Excellencies, High Commissioners and Ambassadors,

Heads of Delegation of AALCO Member States and Non-Member States,

Heads of International Organizations,


Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Mr. President,

On behalf of my delegation, the Government and People of the United Republic of Tanzania, I wish to express my appreciation for this opportunity to address this Session. This is indeed a privilege and honour for me as I represent the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon. Palamagamba John Kabudi who could not attend due some other equally important official assignment.

Let me join other delegations in congratulating you, Mr. President and the Vice President for being elected to lead this annual session and the work of this Organization in the coming year. We wish to assure you Mr. President and the Vice President of our support during your tenure as President and the same support will be extended to the Vice President.

Let me also express, on behalf of my delegation, our sincere appreciations to the outgoing President, for the accomplishment achieved during his tenure.

In the same vein, let me thank the Secretary General Prof. Kennedy Gastorn for the creditable work of the Organization. I also join others in commending the Secretariat for exemplary work they are doing in support of the Organization and the Secretary General. We wish to recognize the entire Secretariat, for the tireless efforts and strength have been employed in the preparation of the session. We thank you very much.

Mr. President,

In a very special way, my delegation wishes to thank our host the Government of Japan for offering to host this session. We express our appreciations to the Government and the People of Japan for the warm reception and hospitality extended to us since our arrival in this beautiful and modern City of Tokyo.

I wish to convey to you all warm greetings and felicitations from H. E. Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania. The President has wished us a very fruitful annual session.

Mr. President,

The growth and expansion of AALCO since its foundation in 1956 has been significant in contribution and development of international law, amongst the Member States. To-date, AALCO has increasingly become a significant platform for consultation by Member States to achieve international peace and order. This includes its current groundbreaking work in the legal aspects of combating Violent Extremism; tackling cyberspace and cyber security related challenges, such as cybercrime, cyber-terrorism, cyber-warfare, and improving cyberspace governance. The relevance of this topic at the current times is of paramount importance.

Tanzania commends the effort of the Open-ended Working Group on International Law in Cyberspace in conducting study and research to address the challenges posed. We are of the opinion that the Working Group should continue with further studies in order to come up with more concrete and comprehensive solutions to address the existing challenges.

Mr. President,

AALCO has achieved immensely in upholding basic norms of international law including the laws governing diplomatic relations, environmental legal regime, state immunities, international boundaries, human rights law, humanitarian law, trade and business, commercial transactions, forced occupation, terrorism, blue economy, issues of law of the sea, conflict resolution and the like. AALCO has also continued to actively contribute in developing the requisite jurisprudence and legal regime, including the codification of the international law.

However, we should not be complacent in any way of what has been achieved; but rather we should intensify our efforts to address the enormous challenges ahead of us. It is imperative that we maintain our momentum, consistency and unity and spearhead to maintain the underlying core principles of this Organization. AALCO needs to address the challenges of 21st Century in order to remain relevant and be able to effectively carter for the needs of the contemporary Member States.

Mr. President,

The United Republic of Tanzania believes that Member States will continue to work together in fostering the core vale of the Organization in upholding the international legal regime and more importantly, in resolving internal disputes. The United Republic of Tanzania remains committed in implementing its endeavours in safeguarding the principles of rule of law, by all Government machineries.

We have relentlessly and tirelessly continued to intensify the war against cross international crimes such as corruption, terrorism and Money Laundering by amending the existing legislations to address the emerging challenges.

In pursuance of that we have established a Financial Intelligence Unit to deal with money laundering crimes, and we have a National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC), which is an inter-agency Institution that coordinates counter-terrorism efforts. Equally, we have continued to be part of both the regional and international counter-terrorism Institutions to enhance international cooperation.

Tanzania has played a major role in peace keeping missions and has significantly contributed to the restoration of global peace and stability. The number of our troops serving in different missions currently stands at 2,687 peacekeepers in six different countries.

Mr. President,

Tanzania has always maintained the historical role in hosting and providing sanctuary to refugees for decades from Central and Southern Africa. We have done that in conforming to the relevant international legal instruments of admitting asylum seekers and protecting refugees to which Tanzania is a part. Over the decades of hosting refugees, Tanzania has provided local integration and citizenship to more than 150,000 refugees in one undertaking.

Apart from providing sanctuary to refugees, we have also been involved in initiatives to resolve regional conflicts in the Great Lakes Region that have the potential to increase refugee influxes.

The implementation of the above endeavours signifies Tanzania’s commitment to confirming with peaceful Settlement of Disputes Agenda

On International Trade and Investment Laws, Tanzania has recently enacted a number of legislations including the National Wealth and Resources (Permanent Sovereign) Act 2017, the National Wealth and Resources (Revenue and Re-Negotiation of Unconscionable Terms) Act 2017. We have also other legislations on international trade and investment such as Tanzania Investment Act 1997, the Mining Act 1979, Mining Act 2010, Petroleum Act 2015, etc.

The aim of these legislations is to create a friendly investment environment to the investors, to harness and harmonize dispute resolution mechanisms and to ensure mutual benefits to both parties.

Through these legal initiatives and His Excellency the President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli’s efforts and commitments towards industrial economy, and with support of the international community and development partners, Tanzania has successfully implemented various national development plans which have significantly contributed to the growth of the economy.

Furthermore, we are proud to have incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our national development agenda in order to accelerate economic growth and become the Middle Income Economy by 2025.

In closing, Mr. President, allow me, once again, and on behalf of my delegation to reiterate Tanzania’s relentless commitment and eagerness to work with AALCO and the State Members in upholding International Law. Tanzania will continue to render all the necessary support to Secretary General and his team as they pursue the noble goals of this Organization.

I Thank You, Mr. President.