Remarks By H.E. Mr. Baraka H. Luvanda At The Closing Session Of The Commemoration Of 54 Years Of The Union Of Tanzania By Tanzanian Students At Sharda University, 27th April, 2018.

- Mr. President

- Mr. Chancellor

- Faculty Members

- Dear Students

- Invited Guests

- Ladies & Gentlemen


Jambo! Namaskar!

  • I am very glad to be here in Greater Noida, at the distinguished University of Sharda for the first time since I was posted to India. This invitation has been long overdue, but I now believe it has been for a reason. That I come at the occasion to commemorate our 54 years of a stable and solid Union of our two Sovereign States is a matter of great pride.
  • I am so happy to be at this University, which is one of the premier academic institutions in this region.


  • I am grateful to the University administration for supporting this event in celebration of the 54 years of the Union. I have been informed that you provided both the monetary support and the support in kind. We cannot thank you enough. Yours has been a Corporate Social Responsibility in real terms. We hope you would be able to sustain this for many years to come.
  • I wish to equally thank the community of vibrant Tanzanian students here at Sharda and Greater Noida for their time and resources put in organizing this memorable event. Congratulations for the job well done. I do hope that in the coming years you will be able mobilize all those fellows who stayed at the back door out of their skeptics and hoped that you would not be able to make it the way it has come to be. You should be encouraged to continue to do so in future.


  • Tanzania and India share a long and continued relationship in trade, investments, education, and culture as well as in outlook in major international issues.
  • As we celebrate the 54th of the Anniversary of the Union, we also celebrate the 57 years of the diplomatic relationship between Tanzania and India.
  • I am also informed that the first African student at this University came from Tanzania.
  • The presence of many Tanzanian students here is a testimony not only of the best quality of education offered at this University but also the cordial relationship between our two countries.


  • Sharda University should create more collaborative links with academic institutions in Tanzania.
  • Tanzanian students should continue to study hard and innovatively as well as remain focused on their goals. They should continue to be our good Ambassadors at this University and well beyond.
  • My office stands ready to support any initiatives that this University would wish to undertake in expanding its horizons in Tanzania.


  • I hope that we shall have other occasions to meet and celebrate together and be assured of my acceptance to come, once you invite me.

I Thank You.