President of the ISA General Assembly;

Honourable Ministers;

Excellencies Ambassadors//High Commissioners,

Government officials from the ISA membership;

Invited Guests;

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Namaskkar! Good morning!

On behalf of the United Republic of Tanzania, may I congratulate you Mr. President and the entire ISA family, the Government of the Republic of India, in collaboration with the Republic of France and Development Partners for the successful organisation of the Second ISA Assembly. 

Let me also particularly thank the GOI for the generous hospitality and very warm reception extended to my delegation.

Mr. President,

I am elated to represent my country in this assembly and am equally delighted to read the Honourable Minister’s statement before this august assembly.

The Honourable Minister had been invited and was eagerly looking forward to joining you. Unfortunately, some domestic exigencies have hindered her travel abroad. 

For this, I kindly ask you to indulge me the honour of representing her. I can assure you Mr. President that even though I am a substitute, I will try to be absolutely faithful to her instructions as to what I should speak to you.

Mr. President;

Renewable energy benefits are obvious and quite many; and given untapped enormous potential of renewable energy resources specifically solar in our countries, challenges such as high initial investment costs, financing, limited resource assessment, knowledge and technology are some of the critical hindrances towards full development of the renewable energy.

Concerted efforts from strong partnership such as ISA are highly required in addressing some of the challenges.

Mr. President;

It is therefore a matter of fact that while recognizing the importance of the ISA in promoting renewable energy solar resources and the fact that individual countries efforts to develop the resources are proving to be inefficient, the United Republic of Tanzania signed the International Solar Alliance Framework Agreement in Marrakesh, Morocco in November, 2016.

The signing of the ISA Agreement Framework marked our journey towards ratification of the ISA Agreement so that we become full member of this noble Alliance.

Mr. President;

As you are all aware, the procedures for ratification of international treaties such as the ISA differ from one country to another, some being lengthy and thorough.

In our own case, as required by the National Constitution, the Parliament has the final endorsement mandate for any proposal in which the country seeks to be affiliated with any international organisation such as ISA.

The process as I have alluded to may be lengthy but it ensures that there is a general public consensus to warrant sustainability of our membership through minimization of the risks that could jeopardise our membership at any point of time.

I am glad to report to this auspicious assembly that, the Cabinet has on 29th October 2019 endorsed the Cabinet Memorandum to have the ISA Framework Agreement ratified.

What follows now is the Parliamentary approval at the upcoming session in November this year which will bring the ratification process to its logical conclusion.

Equally important, our participation at the 1st ISA Assembly last year and to this 2nd assembly this year are a clear testimony of our determination in becoming full member of ISA and thereby standing a chance to benefit from its abundant opportunities, some of which we have already experienced since ISA’s inception. 

Mr. President;

We are witnessing a dramatic fall in solar tariffs. And this is a favourable condition for the solar industry. It means therefore that once we have in place supportive programmes, further reduction in the tariff should obviously be expected. 

In implementing supportive programmes and strategies, Tanzania has embarked on identification of a number of solar sites.

To this end, three sites, namely: Manyoni Solar Park in Singida (450 ha); Zuzu, Dodoma (350 ha) and Same, Kilimanjaro (250 ha) have been acquired by the Government and are being designated as solar parks to facilitate solar investment.

It is heart warming that acquisition of such areas is accompanied by government compensation over land so acquired and initiation of preliminary studies (pre-and full feasibility study).

This strategy is expected to reduce the investment costs by the prospective investors and consequently reduce the price to the final consumers.

Mr. President,

Dear Delegates,

In closing, let me, once again reiterate the commitment of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania in becoming the fully member of ISA in order to benefit from the Alliance.

We shall continue working with all member states in achieving our common goal and vision of our organization.

May I call upon other Development Partners, Private Sector and Friends of the Alliance to consider the United Republic of Tanzania a rightful destination to invest largely in the energy sector and in many other development sectors.


I Thank You, Mr. President.