Kolkata, December 06, 2019


Hon. Sadhan Pande, Minister of Consumer Affairs,

Mr. Vikash Agarwal,

Sr. Vice President, ICC

Distinguished Dignitaries on the Dais,

Sanjay Jain,

Chairman, ICC National Expert Committee,

Excellencies, Ambassadors and Diplomats,

Dear Participants,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is my profound honour and privilege to join you today. This has been an outstanding visit I have been looking forward to. In June this year I missed the opportunity to come in the last minute. I wish to therefore thank the ICC for this kind invitation and also for the generous hospitality.


Let me also thank those people behind the scene who have worked so hard to have in place all that was necessary for this meeting. Personally, I am glad to be part of this conversation as it stands a chance for opening up the possibilities for both trade, business and investment at both sides.


You may wish to note that India and Tanzania enjoy quite a vibrant business relationship for over fifty years. India is among the top trading partner of Tanzania, comprising 15% of Tanzania's foreign trade. India is also among the top five investment sources for Tanzania.

Tanzania's major exports to India include: gold, cashew nuts, pulses, timber, spices, ores, gemstones, metal scraps and sisal especially to Kolkata.


At the same time we import from India a variety of products and equipments such as petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles, electrical machinery/equipment, sugar, garments etc.


So, dear friends my mission here today is to be able to interact with all those who want to explore the huge potential that Tanzania has for Indian trade, business and investment in many ways and for a win-win scenario. Once I have the opportunity to sit on one-on-one I will be giving the specific details on each sector of interest.


For purposes of this segment, let me end by welcoming each one of you to explore the immense trade and business opportunities we have for you. But I should also like to inform you that since July this year Air Tanzania has introduced a direct flight from Mumbai to Dar es Salaam which has made it easy for the people and the cargo to move between our two countries. On this note, I wish to encourage you to fly Air Tanzania in your many trips to that part of the world.


Let me end my brief remarks with the following interesting anecdote I always like to use:

" Two friends were talking about a guy."I will never invite him to my parties again," one said. "Last time he did something I did not like."

"What was that?" "He came."


You invited us. We hope you meant it. And I hope we will not do anything to deny us an invitation to the next occasion.



Thank you!

Asanteni Sana!