Kolkata, July 23, 2021

The Singhania family,

The Consul General of Germany, Mr. Manfred Auster

The Honorary Consul of Brazil, Mr. Pradeep Khemka

The Honorary Consul of the Philippines, Mr. Deepak Kumar Khemka

Head of Branch Secretariat, MEA, Mr. Arup Kr. Saha

Ladies & Gentlemen,



It is really great moment for me to propose a few welcoming remarks on this rare occasion, and I say rare because of the prevailing circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I would like to thank our HOST Mr. & Mrs. Singhania for the love they have shown to Tanzania since the process of commissioning Mr. Singhania to the post of Honorary Consul started almost six years ago. I also thank you for the preparation of this brief function. I know a great deal of effort has gone into making it this way, especially under these precarious circumstances. Please allow me to also appreciate the entire team of Singhania Group for the excellent job.

Let me also appreciate the presence of invited colleagues and friends. We know and are quite aware of the challenging and unprecedented conditions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we appreciate that you could spare time out of your busy day to come and join us on this occasion. It's indeed an honor and privilege, Thank you very much.


I intend to be brief in my remarks as follows:

Let me express the great satisfaction of the Tanzania and India bilateral relations which were established some 60 years ago. Since that time we have continued to work together and have supported each other at different levels be it bilateral, regional, and multilateral platforms.

By commissioning Mr. Singhania as Honorary Consul in "The City of Joy" today we hope that these collaborations will be further enhanced for our mutual benefit. In fact, we contemplate a larger trade and business relationship where Tanzania will double or triple its imports to Kolkata in products such as pulses, sisal, cow skin hides, and many others. I believe with this capable and passionate personality in support of the bilateral engagements between Tanzania and Kolkata, we will certainly move the mountains. And that is why I took upon myself the matter of his appointment as a priority and I have a feeling today of an accomplished mission.

Apart from the agreement that we will be signing today, you will find out that my line of communication will be open throughout my tenure of duty in India so as to facilitate your mandate as Honorary Consul of Tanzania.

In closing, I wish to welcome each and everyone present here to visit Tanzania any time of the year to taste a variety of tourism attractions that exist in abundance. I do welcome you especially during the Post COVID-19 times but you can rest assured that even in the midst of the pandemic things are happening in that part of the world, although not at the rate we would have liked.

I should now end by thanking you for your kind attention.

I thank you.