Hyderabad, September 12, 2021

Mr. Ali Hussein, President of the African Students Association (ASA), and our host

Honorable Minister Ramachandru Tejavath,

Special Representative of the Government of Telangana,

and Chief Guest,

Dr. Raunaq Yar Khan,

The 6th Great Grandson of Nizzam,

Mr. Krishna Pimple,

Honorary Consul of Tanzania in South India,

The Chairman of Global Hospitals,

Consul General of Turkey

Consul General of Afghanistan

The Business Captains in this Assembly,

Fellow Diplomats here present,

The Faculty Members here present,

Other Distinguished Guests,

Dear Graduates and Continuing Students,

Invited Guests,

Families of Graduates,

Members of the Press,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Namaskar! Jambo!

Mister President,

Before I start, allow me to express my gratitude to the Honorable Minister for taking charge to promote Kiswahili in this gathering. Thank you very much, Sir.

Kiswahili is the national language of Tanzania. It is increasingly becoming a lingua franca in Africa. And it is estimated that about 150 million around the world speak this language. It is one of the official languages in the African Union (AU), in the East African Community (EAC) and in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Let me now begin by thanking the African Students Association (ASA) in Hyderabad for the honour and privilege to be the Guest of Honour at this year’s Convocation. It feels good to be back in Hyderabad, a city I fell in love with the first time I came and my love has just been rekindled by this visit.

I also want to thank Mr. Krishna Pimple, Honorary Consul of Tanzania in four states of south India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) for presiding over today’s ceremony.

In a special way, let me thank the Chief Guest for sparing time out of his weekend to grace this occasion. Thank you very much, Sir.

I was glad to learn that among the graduates for whom we are celebrating today are from Tanzania. I take pride in commending you for your accomplishments. But, I am here to offer my congrats, and pay deserved tribute to all graduates here present.

That, you have made it today, to me, and also for many others here present is no small feat. Congratulations to all of you.


This graduation ceremony is unique in many aspects;

For the graduates, a graduation ceremony is a special occasion; a time of celebration, a time for a deserved sense of achievement, and once the festivities are over, a time of contemplating a new chapter in life. A door onto the world of work is opening along with all the joy, pains and responsibilities that go with it.

For the university or college, it is also a time when it celebrates and salutes the very fine graduates it has produced. This is a fitting conclusion to yet another successful academic year.

For the parents who have funded their loved girls and boys, this event marks the fruition investment they have made in them and also for the countries. As you have just been informed, the father of our dear ASA-President had to travel all the way from Djibouti in order to be here and appreciate this occasion with us today.

And for the countries where the graduates will be returning to, this graduation marks the achievement for their human resource development programmes. It is for this reason that, I congratulate each and everyone involved in this journey.

You have worked hard and your parents, families, governments and sponsors have sacrificed much to get you here. I believe you owe yourselves a round of applause for all the efforts and dedication you have invested in order for you to be here today.

For most of you today, this success comes on the back of many sacrifices and challenges each one of you, with your own unique story to tell and experience to share.

Frankly, it does not matter how many mountains you climbed, or how many rivers you crossed or how many obstacles you had to conquer. Today, what matters is that you are all here to reap the fruits of your labour, in the presence of families, friends and the loved ones.

For three or four long years, your respective universities or colleges have been your corner. But today the universities and colleges are releasing you into the real world.

All of you will scatter across the world, and each one of you will have your own corner, better equipped to positively impact the world around you because of your time well-spent at university or college.

As you leave the university or college, remember that you are carrying the flag of a unique training ground and you have our best wishes for the future.

On the other side, make your own university or college proud through your contributions to your countries and society, especially by being hard working, innovative, committed and ethical in your future work and leadership.

I also invite you to take a continuing interest in your soon to be alma mater and  I am quite sure your respective universities or colleges will have some openings for those interested to pursue further studies. On this note, I want to offer special mention to Catherine and Dustan for having continued to pursue further training in this city after their successful degree programmes last year. They have shown you the way and it is up to you now to follow suit. Always remember that, “the mind is like a garden, if it is not watered, and cultivated, weeds will take over”.


Today’s graduation is taking place at a time when the world is gearing up for quite a numerous emerging revolutions. These are digital revolution, cyber security and big data. It is an era of block chain and artificial intelligence technology.

It is my humble expectation that the universities have prepared you to face these immense challenges that accompany the moment, and it is my hope you will prevail.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In closing, let me once again congratulate all the graduates for their noble accomplishment.

You have made history for yourselves. Now is the time to enjoy with members of your family and friends. Now is the time to learn more and progress further. Your fingerprints have to be seen in the next stage of your respective countries’ development.

You have to be brave and believe in yourselves. We look forward to seeing your contribution in the future of respective countries, as well as the world over. Again, I congratulate the universities for providing these fine young men and women, well-equipped to go out and improve their lives and that of their families and countries.

My final parting word;

I salute the courage that has enabled you to prevail over the immense challenges during your study period here. Please carry all the fond memories with you and be good ambassadors of this Great Nation in your respective countries.

I appeal to the Government of India and the businesses to offer to students opportunities for internship so as to create a pool of equipped manpower for their own industries.


I thank you for your kind attention.