Address By H.E. Baraka H. Luvanda, High Commissioner Of The United Republic Of Tanzania To India At The 2018 African Students Meeting Organized By The Gian Jyoti Group Of Institutions (Gj-Imt), Chandigarh, 18th May, 2018.

Mr. J S Bedi,
Chairman and Our Host,

Mrs. Ranjeet Bedi,
Trustee, Gian Jyoti Group of Institutions,

Dr. Aneet Bedi,
Director, Gian Jyoti Group of Institutions,

Professor Gurdeepak Singh,
Director, Placement & International Education,

Faculty Members,

Invited Guests,

Members of the Press,

Dear Students,

Ladies and Gentlemen.


Namaskkar! Jambo! Good Morning!

I am pleased to be here today at the distinguished Centre of Professional Institutions in the vicinity of the world famous City of Chandigarh.

This invitation has been long overdue. But I am glad that it is happening at a time when we have terrible weather conditions in Delhi. So, it has helped me escape those terrible weather conditions, albeit for a while.

I am grateful for the hospitality extended to us by our host and especially for the warm reception. We really feel at home. Thank you so much.

Tanzania and India share a long and continued strong and solid relationship in trade, investment, education, culture, people to people contact as well as in our outlook on major international issues. And therefore while we were celebrating 54 years of the Union of the two States of Tanganyika and Zanzibar to form Tanzania in April 26 this year, we also celebrated 57 years of our solid diplomatic relationship between India and Tanzania.

So, it is not surprising that GJ-IMT has a good number of students from Tanzania. I believe in the discharge of my functions here the number will keep surging and I will be happy to see this happening. And given the quality of education that the Group can boast of, the African continent will continue to entrust you with even many more students from across the continent.

As regards the unity among African students, I wish to inspire my compatriots here that you should, and must stand together and enjoy the diverse culture that India provides in abundance. As your host get to know you better, they will show more understanding and tolerance. But you must also have the duty to learn and respect their culture and even market the positive aspects when you go back home.

At this juncture, let me encourage you to register with the African Association of Students in India (AASI) which I believe some of you are not even aware of its existence! This is reliable platform for you which could help consolidate the unity I have just intimated to you. You can be assured of my personal involvement in the affairs of AASI and that of my Colleagues Ambassadors and High Commissioners in Delhi.

For, it becomes much easier for us to communicate with you when you are in such a group than when you act individually. And in our African Group of Heads of Mission (AHOMs) we have vowed to continue to discharge our consular services that you may need during your stay in India, but as I have said, it is easier and effective to serve you better when you are united.

I should also like to underscore one more thing. You are the luckiest among many youth who are still in Africa. You have been exposed to an unparalleled and disciplined academic ambience and par excellence research and development facilities. And I have been briefed that GJ Institutions have routinely featured with best in class institutions in surveys conducted by various publications. What more do you want?

You should and must seize this opportunity to the fullest use. Make sure that you obtain the best grades and knowledge that will help change the situation in our continent.

In the same vein, I should like to urge the Group and other Indian businesses to provide some internship opportunities, and where possible, job opportunities. That way, your alumni would be tested and appreciated. Similarly, I should encourage the Group to consider creating, in future some collaborative links with academic institutions in Africa as well as Centers of Excellence.

I should now be concluding my remarks with the following:

It is now a matter of fact that Africa is looking East, especially to India and China, with India having a comparative advantage because of a shared language and a common colonial heritage. It is also true that India is increasingly becoming an educational hub for the world as a whole, and for Africa, in particular. So, you and must make the maximum use of this rare opportunity for the betterment of continent.

I should end as I always do with the following anecdote: "Two were talking about the guy. " I will never invite him to my parties again," one said. "Last time he did something I did not like." "What was that?" "He came."

You invited us. We hope you meant it. And we hope that we have not done anything wrong to deny us an invitation to the next occasion.

I thank you for your kind attention