Address By H.E. Baraka H. Luvanda, High Commissioner Of The United Republic Of Tanzania To India At The 4th Convocation Of The Galgotias University For The Batch Of 2018, Galgotias University, Uttar Pradesh, Plot No.2, Sector 17a, Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida, Gautam, 14th January 2019.

 Hon'ble Chancellor, and our Host,
Hon'ble Secretary Ajay, and Chief Guest,
Madam Vice Chancellor,
Distinguished Personalities on the Dais,
Invited Guests,
Our Distinguished Graduands,
Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
Members of the Press,
Ladies and Gentlemen.


When I received the invitation to come and preside over this ceremony last Friday I did not hesitate to accept for obvious reasons. With 70+ students from Tanzania and two Tanzanian Phd graduands today there could not be any other justification for me to be here than this.

I would like therefore to thank the Honourable Chancellor of this prestigious University and our Host for inviting me to speak to you today as we celebrate this remarkable day when we witness the 2018 Batch Graduation ceremony. It is especially heartwarming for me that you would settle on me out of the 150+ Ambassadors and High Commissioners based in New Delhi.

I am also very happy to learn that as we have in our midst graduates from Tanzania and, I take pride in commending them for the excellent job well done. But I am here to also offer my congratulations, and pay deserved tribute to all graduates from all over the world. That you have made it today, to me and, to many others present here is no small feat. Congratulations to all of you.

Mister Chancellor,
Invited Guests,

This graduation ceremony is unique for the Galgotias University in many aspects. For the graduates, a graduation ceremony is a special occasion; a time of celebration, a time for a deserved sense of achievement, and once the festivities are over, a time of contemplating a new chapter in life. A door onto the world of work is opening along with all the joy, pains and responsibilities that go with it.

For the University, it is also a time when it celebrates and salutes the very fine graduates it has produced. This is a fitting conclusion to yet another successful academic year.

For the parents who have funded their loved girls and boys, this event marks the fruition of investments they have made in them and also and for the countries. And for the countries that graduates will be returning to, including Tanzania, this graduation now marks achievement for their human resource development programmes. It is for this reason that I congratulate each and everyone involved in this journey.

Distinguished Graduands,

You have worked hard, and your parents, families, government and sponsors have sacrificed much to get you here. I believe you owe yourselves a round of applause for all the effort and dedication you have invested in order for you to be here today.

For most of you, today’s success comes on the back of many sacrifices and challenges-each one of you with your own unique story to tell and experience to share. Frankly, it does not matter how many mountains you climbed, or how many rivers you crossed, or how many obstacles you had to conquer. Today, what matters is that you are all here to reap the fruits of your labour, in the presence of your families, friends and loved ones.

For three long years, Galgotias has been your corner. But today, the University is releasing you into the world. All of you will scatter across the globe, and each one of you will find your new corner, better equipped to positively impact the world around you because of your time well-spend here at Galgotias. As you leave this University, remember that you are carrying the flag of a unique training ground, and you have our best wishes for the future.

On the other side of the doors to his hall, there is a world waiting for new leadership, fresh ideas and strong values. Make this University proud through your contributions to nation and society, especially by being hard working innovative, committed and ethical in your future work and leadership. I also invite you to take a continuing interest in you soon to be alma mater as we all join hands to contribute to the development of individual our countries.

Mister Chancellor,

As we mark this graduation ceremony today, it is also time for us to look into the next years. We should strive to build on the past successes and re-shape the University for even Greater Contributions in the next many years.

We need to ensure that the University works closely with governments, private sector and other stakeholders through active feedback and advisory mechanisms. We need to ensure that it listens to a wide clientele out there and works closely with their plans that aim at raising the participation levels of in this prestigious training Centre.

To this end, I encourage the University to take a more proactive stance in expecting, forecasting and understanding our national, regional and international educational needs.

We would like to see the University creating new strategic partnerships and generating more innovative approaches in funding its future aspirations, including finding support for more resources, facilities, programmes and scholarships.

At the same time, we encourage the University to forge close institution and business relationships with all stakeholders for future mutual benefits. The idea is to take the services of the University to the People as well as finding ways to build and nurture productive relationships with governments, private sector, academic institutions, alumni and the community at large.

Mister Chancellor,

Today's graduation ceremony is taking place at a time when the world is gearing up for quite a number of emerging revolutions. From digital revolution, cyber security to big data revolution. It is an era of block chain and artificial intelligence technology. It is my humbler expectation that the University has prepared these young graduates to face these immense challenges that accompany the moment. And it is my hope that they will manage them effectively.

In closing, let me once again; congratulate all the graduates for this noble accomplishment. You have made history for yourselves. Now is the time to enjoy yourselves with members of you family and friends. Now is the time to learn more and to progress further. Your fingerprints have to be seen in the next stage of your respective country's development. You have to be strong, smart, and brave and believe in yourselves. We are looking forward to seeing your contribution in the future of your individual countries as well as the world over.

Again, I congratulate Galgotias University for producing these fine young men and women, well-equipped and ready to go out and improve lives and that of their loved families and countries. But I must I implore the University to grow in size and in the quality of its output

My final parting words to the University and the graduands are on the value of continuing education. For, we must also produce graduates with a continuing desire to learn. When you buy a car or a piece of equipment it comes with a user's manual with maintenance instructions. You have to service it regularly to ensure it continues to serve you well. How much more important is it to regularly service your brain after graduation? I know there are graduates who find no need to read a book again after graduating. Do not be like that. For a mind is like a garden. If it is not watered, and cultivated, weeds will take over.

I thank you for your kind attention